Tromsø Generative Patch

First trials with Tromsø modules for generative (automatic music) patterns.

Detail of the cables around the four Tromsø modules, the four 2hp Sample & Holds, and the Sport Modulator:

It looks like a rat’s next, but there’s method in it. Using the Tromsø modules as clocked sample and holds, with triangle and square wave outputs, too, they are patched in a cycle with the Sport Modulator acting as a fifth clocked sample and hold.  The Tromsø sample and hold inputs are taken from the triangle wave of the previous module in the cycle, and the outputs go into secondary sample and holds (sampling the samples) which then modulate the frequency of the sample clock.  Same design as used in the Quantussy.  VCAs are not used in the patch.

Four of the sample outputs are used to modulate the two volt/octave inputs of the Klavis Twin Waves VCO, as well as the parameter of each (which impacts waveform).

Finally, two of the sample clock square waves are used to trigger two Pip Slope envelope generators that gate the VCO outputs through the final mix in the Verbos Scan & Pan.

Here is one free running segment.  I like how patterns develop for a while, then suddenly switch to something different.



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