Like A Marimba

Well, maybe not so much, but that’s what Diana came up with for a title.

This is my first patch with the MOTM-730 VC Pulse Divider.  I used the Mankato filter for slewing and phase shifting of the MOTM-730 STEPPED output.  Three different phase outputs of the Mankato drive the 1V/octave inputs of three VCOs.  I found that the resonance control on the Mankato really impacts the output levels, and also imparts interesting overshoots.  This recording uses only a mild slewing effect, but make great use of the phase outputs of the Mankato to create a kind of analog CV shifter, so that the three pitches chase each other.

The MOTM-730 is clocked by a MOTM-390 LFO, with the STEP CLK switch set to divide-by-N.  The other half of the MOTM-390 LFO, the triangle, modulates the divisor very slowly.  The divide-by 4, 5, and 7 outputs drive three ADSR/VCA combinations to gate the three VCOs into the mix.  I added some richness by using the MPX-1 Doubler preset.  The second recording, Not Like A Marimba, leaves off the digital Doubler effect.


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