Inline Attenuators

When patching to CV inputs on Ciat-Lonbarde instruments (Cocoquantus, Plumbutter, Sidrax) it can be useful to add some attenuating ability.  For example, if I want to control the frequency of … Read More

E560-E580 Project

I was late to make DIY builds of the Synthesis Technology e560 and e580 modules.  A post on the Synthtech email list alerted me to Dave Brown’s builds. E560 Deflector … Read More

Rollz-5 Schematics

This is the Rollz-5+ PC Board by Meng Qi.  The circuits follow fairly closely the original paper circuits, designed by Peter Blasser.  I am building it with modifications of my … Read More

Studio 2014

Finally, after almost a whole year of residing in boxes, wrapped in anti-static bubble pack, the 5U modules have been unpacked and installed into the five main walnut cabinets. Big … Read More

The Influencer

I propose a live, interactive installation in which sound is generated in real time by analog synthesis equipment that I have designed and built for this type of work. It … Read More

Quantisise Completed

Finally!  Quantisise with Blue Panel and Furman PL-8C power conditioner all together in the 8U EWI Tour Case.  I upgraded the power strip from the Furman M-8Dx to get better … Read More

Blue Panel PC Boards

Boards are all assembled for the Blue Panel.  Left to right: CGS113 Serge Wave Multipliers CGS65 Tube VCA/Timbral Gate x2 CGS67 Active Real Ring Modulator CGS81 Voltage Processor x5.5 2 … Read More

The Blue Panel

This sits just to the right of Quantisise to provide some timbre enhancements, mixing, processing, and output capability, so that a performance might need to use only the one rack.  … Read More

Quantisise Operational

Here it is, finally wired and mounted in its 8U high EWI Tour Case.  The Quantisise panel wasn’t designed to fit this case; it just happened to (and it’s tight).  … Read More

Quantisise LED Drivers

Quantisise has four outputs per section (VCO, VCA and two S&H outputs).  Each is monitored by a different color LED, green for the VCO, yellow for the CV S&H, red … Read More