Asheville Butoh Festival 2013

I was in Asheville, North Carolina, last week, visiting my friends David Linton and Claire Barratt, and was invited to join in an improvisational piece to be shown at intermission … Read More

Improvisation with Tetrazzi and Cocoquantus

Tetrazzi into Cocoquantus, directly into the RCF powered speakers. This is a great setup for performing an improvisation. I spent hours with it. Diana shot some video. The live sound is of course much … Read More

Practice In the Park

I tried out my busking gear. It includes a loaded portable cabinet, a powered speaker, a mixer, and a DC to AC power inverter. There weren’t many people in the … Read More

Synth Jam

I was invited to an Open Studio jam session at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative on February 28, 2009. The Bridge PAI I jammed with four other players, including two … Read More

MegaHz Festival Videos

Hal McGee has posted videos of the MegaHz Festival, including my first piece en toto.  He said: “Video collage by Christopher Miller of shots inside and outside The Bridge PAI … Read More

MegaHz Festival 2008

I gave my first live performance in twenty-five years this weekend!  The HzCollective graciously offered me a spot in a lineup of eleven acts of “experimental and avante-garde” music. MegaHz … Read More