West Coast Drone

I was looking back at my West Coast Box project and wanted to try an update using modules I’ve built recently.  This uses both J. Haible Trapezoid VCAs, the ZerOscillator, CGS Wave Multiplier and Blacet Miniwave, and my new small matrix mixer.  The VCAs control the amplitude of the ZO triangle into the Wave Multiplier and the ZO sine into the Miniwave.  A third voice uses the Grinder submodule in the Wave Multiplier and is driven from a Morph output of the ZO.  The ZO is at zero bias and uses linear FM from one CGS Super Psycho LFO oscillator.  To this fracas I mixed in a little bit of 528 Hz pad at one point and a big bottom that changes pitch once.  Most of the twiddling was done on the Grinder controls.


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