Warps Parasite


Mutable Instruments has a focus on DSP modules, of which Warps is one.  They open source all of their hardware and software, so that enthusiasts can create their own versions of the software.  I added a Mutable Instruments Warps to my latest Eurorack box.  Not long after, while browsing the Eurorack forum on MuffWiggler, I learned about Warps Parasite, a software project by Matthias Peuch, that provides an alternative to the standard software.  I’ve installed it and it’s great!  Updating the software is as simple as playing a WAV file into one of the inputs on the module.  Now there are eight more sound processing algorithms added to the original nine.  Moreover, the new algorithms, once selected, add new functions to the panel controls, still with voltage control!

I made a donation to Matthias Peuch for his great open source work.


Here’s a video a user made, showing off Warps Parasite.



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