Updated Wave Mangling Box

My Synthrotek case has had three iterations of module sets. The first one was called Portable Wave Mangling System.  The second iteration had a focus on Step Sequencing.  For step sequencing, I chose the Tiptop Z8000 CV Sequencer.  It had to go into the Synthrotek case, due to its depth.  I had to give up the Verbos Scan & Pan and the WMD Pro Output, which made up the output section.  After much deliberation, I decided to put back the output section to what it was originally.  The top row of modules remains what it was in the Step Sequencing iteration:

The new middle row bears some resemblance to the original Wave Mangling System.  In addition to the Scan & Pan and Pro Output, there are now two Pip Slopes (instead of four), and Maths.  The PDO, QAAF, and Triple Bipolar VCA were replaced with a new set of modules that I thought more flexible.

The bottom row of 1U Pulp Logic Tiles remains the same.

If you count the capabilities, you find:

  • Ten VCOs (Loquelic Iteritas, Sync Iter, Denum, Fourses, Warps)
  • One VC clock (Ultra-Random Analog)
  • Twelve VCAs (Denum, Zlob, ModDemix, Warps, Scan & Pan)
  • One VCF and one VC effect (Sprott, Warps)
  • Seven cycling VC envelopes (Maths, Function, Pip Slope, Swoop)
  • Five Sample & Holds (Ultra-Random Analog, Pulp Logic S&H)
  • Three Track & Holds (Function, Pulp Logic S&H)
  • Five VC Noise (V-Noise, Sync Iter, Ultra-Random Analog)
  • Three VC Pulse (V-Noise, Ultra-Random Analog)
  • One VC random voltage generator (Ultra-Random Analog)
  • Five VC slopes (Maths, Function, Swoop)
  • Four VC slews (Maths, Function, Ultra-Random Analog)
  • Three manual slews (Ultra-Random Analog, Pulp Logic Slew)
  • Nine polarizers (Shades, O/A x2, Maths)
  • Two comparitors (Pulp Logic Compare)
  • Patchable mixing (Shades, Pulp Logic Sum, Zlob VCA, ModDemix, Maths, Scan & Pan)


The idea is complex waveform generation.  The Noise Engineering oscillators provide many modes of complex, dynamic wave shaping.  Fourses is ramp wave based, with complex cross-modulation.  Warps provides additional wave shaping capability.  There is a lot for me to explore with this new configuration, which I intend to use as a complete system.



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