Updated Mocante Rack

In a previous post I described installing Mocante into this Eurorack case.  Since that time, I’ve made a lot of module changes, as well as upgrading the power supply.  Here’s the current load of support modules for Mocante.

Unknown Pleasures



Mix B


Mute 4

Pico DSP

Pico Out

The theme of this box is noisy improvisation.  Sound sources include Mocante, Unknown Pleasures, Ears, and Eon.  Ears is also a preamplifier for external inputs (such as a Tocante), and can boost audio from Mocante.  Audio processing is by the Dual LPG and the Pico DSP.  Control voltages can be generated by Mocante, Unknown Pleasures, Ears, Eon.  Mixing and routing by Mix B and Mute 4.  An unexpected bonus is that Mocante signals can be injected by touch into Unknown Pleasures!




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