Updated Controller Rack

I’ve updated the module set in my controller rack.

Here’s what it looked like before.

The Unknown Pleasures have move into the Mocante Rack.  I sold the Flame CV recorder and one Sound Machines LS1.  I relocated two Pip Slopes into this rack.  And I added two new modules:

Meng Qi Hand

Ladik Gate/Tap

Having Pip Slope envelope generators here makes sense, because most of the controller modules generate gates.  The Hand can cycle a CV sample, with a gate output indicating end of cycle.

When searching for another small controller, I found the Ladik Gate/Tap.  It’s pretty cool.  It can be a tap tempo clock, or a clock processor.  And it has a divider/multiplier for the clock.  An example use: I can make a looped pattern on an LS1 that has a gate generated, which can then be processed by the Gate/Tap to produce divided or multiplied gates.  Having a tap tempo clock in this box is convenient, too.




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