Updated Brainwave Box


I updated my Biometric Synthesizer box and swapped several modules.

Intellijel Micro VCA II instead of the Make Noise modDemix,

ALM010 O/A/x2 Dual Polarizer instead of the ADDAC Muscle Sensing.

Synthesis Tech E950 Circuit Bent VCO instead of the Make Noise Function.

I decided I wanted a regular VCA instead of the ring modulator in the modDemix, and I had also read that the modDemix imparts distortions.  Here, I wanted a clean two quadrant multiplier to control cross modulation.

Since I no longer used the ADDAC Muscle Sensing module, I added the ALM dual polarizer, for processing signals out of the brain wave interface.

Finally, since I had been patching up vocal sounds during my work with the dancer and muscle sensing, I added the E950.  I can control it with muscle sensors, but also it works nicely with the SoundMachines Brainterface.  The gate output of the Brainterface can trigger a speech event on the E950.  And the gate output responds to blinking of the eyes!

Here’s a snippet of the brain waves triggering the E950.  With a bit of echo dialed up on Clouds.





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  1. I love my E950. Eerie sometimes, in this AI future we live in. Nice snippets, I’d like to check out Clouds s’more

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