This is my first patch with the Tellun Dual Lag.  It starts with two MOTM-310 Micro VCOs, one of them driving a Wiard-Blacet Miniwave (Socket Rocket ROM).  Two Oakley Sample and Hold modules, the first sampling the MOTM-101 slow random output, are cascaded to produce a two-step random sequence.  These two voltages control the Bank and Wave selection on the Miniwave and also are quantized by the Modcan Dual Quantizers (both on A-3) and sent through the Dual Lag Processor to the 1V/Oct control inputs of the VCOs.  One lag is longer going up, the other longer going down.

Each section the dual MOTM-480 handles one audio signal from the above.  Bandpass outputs are used.  Resonance is set high (8).  FM is applied with two slow sinewave LFOs from a MOTM-380.

This patch also has spatial modulation.  Headphones are recommended!  A stereo cross-panner is patched up, consisting of two MOTM-190 VCAs, two channels of an Oakley Multimix, and my own Matrix mixer.  The Multimix inverts the signals, which are mixed back with the originals so as to phase-cancel when the VCA is at unity gain.  The result is that each signal pans left to right, inversely from each other.  Control for the VCAs is the Blacet EG2070 in LFO mode with its two convenient 180-degree outputs, moving between zero to +5V.  The VCAs are in Linear response, as is the output of the EG.

Lastly, the Lexicon MPX-1 adds the Delay>Detune preset for post-processing.  This is a self-running patch.


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