Two Ring Modulations

This recording features two types of ring modulation, each on a different signal path. The first uses two CGS VCOs that are digitally ring modulated by a CGS digital XOR gate. This signal passes through the Blacet Stonz phaser and then through a Blacet fixed filter (my newest module) and lastly through an Oakley ADSR/VCA. The second signal originates from two MOTM-300 VCOs ring modulated by a MOTM-190 in RM mode. This signal is sent through the Encore Frequency Shifter and then a second Blacet fixed filter and on through another Oakley ADSR/VCA. The two signals are mixed and the MPX-1 Octave Cascade effect is applied. The control section is two LFOs and some digital logic to generate gates for the ADSRs and the Advance control for the CGS Infinite Melody, which modulates the four VCO frequencies. The patch affords a lot of variation, depending on how all the parameters are set. This particular recording happens to have been made without any knob twiddling.


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