Synthesis Technology Morphing Terrarium

Quantity: 1 Here is a Synthtech e350 Morphing Terrarium DIY project.   Paul Schreiber’s description, taken from the AnalogueHaven product page. the synthesis technology e350 morphing terrarium is a unique wavetable … Read More

Cynthia ZerOscillator

Quantity: 1 From the Cyndustries website: The Zeroscillator is a full-featured electronic-music-quality analog VCO capable of linear frequency modulation through zero hertz and into negative frequencies. This makes it capable … Read More

Catgirl Synth CGS-48 VCO

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This VCO started out life as a replacement for the original VCOs in my ’73 Serge, so it replicates a lot of the … Read More

MOTM-310 Micro VCO

Quantity: 0 Modifications: none From the Synthtech website: Using the same core circuitry as the MOTM-300 UltraVCO, the MOTM-310 retains its superior stability and sonic characteristics in half of the … Read More

MOTM-300 Ultra VCO

Quantity: 2 Modifications: none From the Synthtech website: The MOTM-300 Ultra VCO represents a milestone in analog synthesizer design. Using only the finest available circuitry, the Ultra VCO has unmatched … Read More


I decided to build a VCO using Ken Stone’s CGS48 PC board. My version is minimal; it omits the additional waveshapers that are on the board. I was interested in … Read More