Mattson Envelope Generator/VCA

Quantity: 2 Description: Mattson Mini-Modular Envelope Generator Mattson Mini-Modular VCA I combined the Mattson Envelope Generator and VCA modules into one panel.  Here is George Mattson’s description of the Envelope … Read More

Mattson VC Mixer

Quantity: 1 Description:  Mattson Mini-Modular Voltage Controlled Mixer Here is a MOTM-ized Mattson VC Mixer!  From the Mattson website: The VC Mixer consists of 4 channels. Each channel has an … Read More

Dual CGS 65 Tube VCA / Timbral Gate

Quantity: 2 Tube VCA’s in one panel From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This is a tube based Voltage Controlled Amplifier / timbral gate. While this module basically operates as a … Read More

MOTM-190 Micro VCA

Quantity: 2 Modifications: none From the Synthtech website: The MOTM-190 is a dual VCA in a compact 1U format. VCA #1 can also be used as a Ring Modulator. Voltage … Read More