Cynthia Quad Low Pass Gates

Quantity: 0 From the Cyndustries website: Nothing can match the buttery soft response this circuit evokes when commanded “to dance!” by an impatient pulse or envelope. That unique flitty, percussive, … Read More

Oakley Equinoxe VC Phaser

Quantity: 0 From the Oakley website: The classic four stage OTA based phaser. Wonderfully lush and smooth, it is similar in sound to the phaser used by Jean Michel Jarre … Read More

Blacet Research TM2050 Time Machine

Quantity: 2 From the Blacet website: Genuine BBD Analog Delay Line Technology for that “retro” sound. Delays From 10 mS to 2 Seconds! Bi-Phase Regeneration for Killer Flanging Voltage Control … Read More