Quantisise Operational

Here it is, finally wired and mounted in its 8U high EWI Tour Case.  The Quantisise panel wasn’t designed to fit this case; it just happened to (and it’s tight).  … Read More

Quantisise LED Drivers

Quantisise has four outputs per section (VCO, VCA and two S&H outputs).  Each is monitored by a different color LED, green for the VCO, yellow for the CV S&H, red … Read More

Quantisise VCO

Here is a wide range, non-precision, and somewhat unstable voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with just a pot for initial frequency, a CV input attenuator, a triangle (-0.5 to +4.5 volts) and … Read More

Quantisise Progress

Here’s the populated front panel. It is just for show at this point. A view from the back. And the final block diagram for one of the six sections.  It … Read More

Quantisise Project

This project has been my focus for design and building since January, 2013.  The Quantisise (a composite name of quantize and six) will be a self-contained modular synthesizer designed for … Read More

SSM2164 Dual VCA Board

I needed six DC-coupled linear VCAs for the Quantisise project.  I discussed my requirements on this Muffwiggler forum topic and decided to use three PC boards, purchased from Dr. Sketch-n-Etch.  … Read More

Two of twelve sample and holds

Here is a CGS SSG board, assembled as a dual S&H with a one-shot circuit.  It’s the first of six identical boards for use in the Quantasise. The SSG (Smooth … Read More