Second Mattson VC Mixer

Mattson VC Mixer Taking stock of all my VCA modules, I realized that while I had at least two of each type, I had built only one of George Mattson’s … Read More

Make Noise Maths

One of the most popular Eurorack modules is the Make Noise Maths.  Maths is in the venerable lineage of the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator.  I have a number of … Read More


This panel is one of five that comprise a set of modules from CGS.  It contains three different functions: A group of four passive attenuator pots Two CGS VCA modules … Read More

CGS Serge DC Mixer

The CGS Serge panel had room for one small module, so I added this little mixer.   The simple design provides two attenuated inputs, plus a bias offset pot with a … Read More

Allen & Heath ZED14 Mixer

I replaced the old Mackie 802-VLZ3 with an Allen & Heath ZED14. It is much larger than the Mackie, due not only to the extra channels, but also the professional … Read More

Dual Mixer

A 1U Dual Mixer in matrix configuration This is a DIY mixer designed to save space in a portable cabinet.  It is based on my 2U DIY Matrix Mixer.  The … Read More

Mattson VC Mixer

Quantity: 1 Description:  Mattson Mini-Modular Voltage Controlled Mixer Here is a MOTM-ized Mattson VC Mixer!  From the Mattson website: The VC Mixer consists of 4 channels. Each channel has an … Read More