Encore Universal Envelope Generator

Quantity: 1 From the Encore Electronics website: The Encore Universal Event Generator is a Synthesis Technology, MOTM compatible module designed to be a versatile and useful addition to an already … Read More

Cynthia Dual Sawtooth Animator

Quantity: 0 From the Cyndustries website: This amazing Bernie Hutchins circuit has been admired by Designers for years as a true electronic engineering marvel. It’s optimized for a sawtooth input, … Read More

Cynthia ZerOscillator

Quantity: 1 From the Cyndustries website: The Zeroscillator is a full-featured electronic-music-quality analog VCO capable of linear frequency modulation through zero hertz and into negative frequencies. This makes it capable … Read More

Oakley Sound Systems OMS-410

Quantity: 1 From the Oakley website: The OMS-410 is a companion module to the MOTM-410 triple resonant filter module. It adds powerful new features to the superb Synthtech module. No … Read More

Oakley Little LFO, Little EG

Quantity: 0 Little LFO This is an updated version of the low frequency oscillator on the classic analogue synthesiser, the Korg MS-20. It features two output waveforms, triangle and square. … Read More

MOTM-390 Micro LFO

Quantity: 2 The MOTM-390 is a small, dual LFO. The first LFO uses a panel control, while the second is 1V/Oct voltage-controlled with FM. Individual LEDs follow the triangle waves … Read More

MOTM-380 Quad LFO

Quantity: 2 Modifications: none From the Synthtech website: The MOTM-380 has four LFOs in a compact package. The jacks are arranged in a unique way: The four outputs are individually … Read More