Blacet Dual State Variable Filter

Quantity: 2 Description:  Blacet Research Model DF2420 manually controlled state variable filters.  Two filters in a single 1U panel. From the Blacet website: Two high quality state variable filters in … Read More

Cynthia Quad Low Pass Gates

Quantity: 0 From the Cyndustries website: Nothing can match the buttery soft response this circuit evokes when commanded “to dance!” by an impatient pulse or envelope. That unique flitty, percussive, … Read More

CGS Steiner Synthacon VCF

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This module is a “tribute” module, based on the awesome Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. Those who know me will know I’m not a big … Read More

Oakley Sound Systems OMS-410

Quantity: 1 From the Oakley website: The OMS-410 is a companion module to the MOTM-410 triple resonant filter module. It adds powerful new features to the superb Synthtech module. No … Read More

Blacet Improbability Drive 2510

Quantity: 1 From the Blacet website: Noise and Uncertainty Generator Analog White Noise Digital Noise with VC Level and Width (Window Comparator) BP or LP Filter Noise Mixer Sample Hold … Read More

MOTM-480 Resonant Filters

Quantity: 1 Modifications: Housed in a custom 3U panel that provides 2 mixed, pot-attenuated inputs for each VCF and all six outputs. Voltage control inputs are separated as well. Built … Read More

MOTM-485 GX-1 Diode VCF

Quantity: 0 Modifications: none From the Synthtech website: The MOTM-485 is a recreation of the Yamaha GX-1 LP/HP filter. The GX-1 was a massive organ/synth hybrid, costing over $60,000 in … Read More

MOTM-480 3u Dual Filters

The MOTM-480 CS-80 Resonant Filter consists of two identical state-variable Voltage Controlled Filters. Each filter circuit features: 1V/Octave frequency control input FM input with reversible attenuator VC resonance input High … Read More