envelope generator

Eowave Weather Drones

I built a pair of Weather Drones!  It is a 24hp complete ‘synth voice’ for Eurorack.  It is only available as a DIY kit.  Weather Drones is composed of a … Read More

Peaks and Warps

Pictured are three modules from Mutable Instruments. Peaks Peaks is a multi-function digital module that’s relatively easy to understand. Peaks provides 4 different functions in a small 8-HP package. Their … Read More

Pip Slope

Searching for envelop generator/LFO modules for my Wave Mangler System, I ran across the Pip Slope, by ALM/Busy Circuits. ‘Pip Slope’ is an envelope generator. It supports both Attack/Decay and … Read More

Make Noise Maths

One of the most popular Eurorack modules is the Make Noise Maths.  Maths is in the venerable lineage of the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator.  I have a number of … Read More

Buchla Dual 281 FG

This is a DIY Buchla 281 Function Generator, built on the printed circuit board by Toppobrillo.  The discussion on Muff’s message board has the details.  It’s actually one half of … Read More

Oakley Looping ADSR-VCA

Quantity 2 Tony of Oakley Sound keeps updating his modules.  See here for his latest description of the famous ADSR-VCA. Though I already had four of the earlier revision 2 … Read More

Jurgen Haible Trapezoid VCA

Quantity: 2 Description: The Trapezoid VCA is a DIY project from Jurgen Haible, renowned modular synthesizer engineer.  It emulates the EMS VCS3 and Synthi A Trapezoid Generator.  I am not … Read More

Mattson Quad AD/ASR Envelope Generator

Quantity: 1 George Mattson’s description: The Quad AD/ASR Envelope Generator consists of 4 identical channels. This is designed as a utility module for basic Envelope utilization. Each channel has an … Read More

Mattson Envelope Generator/VCA

Quantity: 2 Description: Mattson Mini-Modular Envelope Generator Mattson Mini-Modular VCA I combined the Mattson Envelope Generator and VCA modules into one panel.  Here is George Mattson’s description of the Envelope … Read More