Big Euro Box

Filled up the Synthrotek wood case, 9U x 104hp.  It needed more power than one 4ms Row Power 40, so I added a second.  Row Power 40s can share a … Read More

CGS-63 Power Supply Delay

I added this board to my portable cabinet that contains a three-voltage power supply.   From the CGS website: The Power Supply Delay is a support module of sorts. Due to … Read More

Portable Cabinets Loaded

In preparation for my first performance with the MOTM, I’ve loaded the two portable cabinets.  Here’s what they look like: A third cabinet holds the Furman power conditioner, the Lexicon … Read More

Portable Rack Cabinets

This project has two goals.  1) The ability to take some modules on the road, 2) More expansion space for the modular studio.  The cabinets are EWI Tourcase Model R10UE-10 … Read More