Sprott Investigations

Here is Ieaskul F. Mobenthy Sprott, Peter Blasser’s filter for Eurorack.  Peter’s manual is, as usual, somewhat abbreviated.  I’ve been experimenting with Sprott and herewith are some of my findings. … Read More

CGS Dual CMOS Filters

Quantity: 1 Ken Stone’s Dual CMOS filters, a.k.a. “Twin Wasp” VCF. Here’s a link to Ken’s description of the board. Continuing the squeeze-it-into-1U-with-small-knobs approach, I designed this Front Panel Express … Read More

Blacet Dual State Variable Filter

Quantity: 2 Description:  Blacet Research Model DF2420 manually controlled state variable filters.  Two filters in a single 1U panel. From the Blacet website: Two high quality state variable filters in … Read More

CGS Steiner Synthacon VCF

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This module is a “tribute” module, based on the awesome Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. Those who know me will know I’m not a big … Read More

MOTM-480 3u Dual Filters

The MOTM-480 CS-80 Resonant Filter consists of two identical state-variable Voltage Controlled Filters. Each filter circuit features: 1V/Octave frequency control input FM input with reversible attenuator VC resonance input High … Read More