automatic music

Q-Relative Patch

See this discussion thread on MW.  A user posted an idea called a Q-Relative cell, by which he meant relative to a Quantussy cell.  While it is not a Quantussy … Read More

New Year’s Eve Automatic Music

Automatic music created by a free-running patch, controlled by a seven cycle quantussy ring.  Loquelic Iteritas and Fourses oscillators are heard through Warps.  These three segments followed each other without … Read More

Eurorack Quantussy Cells

This diagram shows a generic quantussy cell, as I call it. See What Is The Quantussy for more information. It’s the name of the five oscillator cluster in Peter Blasser’s … Read More

Swoop Spokes Module

In my previous post I mentioned a case idea for the Swoop Spokes PC board. I made it of two pieces of 1/8 inch clear acrylic, which were cut to … Read More

Ciat-Lonbarde Swoop Spokes

The paper circuit, shown above, is the only information that we have that pertains to the Swoop Spokes.  It was a kind of mystery circuit that no one else (that … Read More

Immediate Music

Ever since that time, in 2012, that I was captivated by the Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus oscillator cluster, which Peter Blasser called the Quantussy, a Nabra or analog brain, I have sought … Read More

Tromsø Generative Patch

First trials with Tromsø modules for generative (automatic music) patterns. Detail of the cables around the four Tromsø modules, the four 2hp Sample & Holds, and the Sport Modulator: It … Read More

More Generative Experiments

These two recordings were made yesterday, as I worked on the composition of another self-running (automatic music) patch.  This one uses a ring of five clocked sample and holds, inspired … Read More