Synthrotek Wood Case

The world of Eurorack modular cases and power supplies is wild and woolly.  I put together a motley collection of six different cases, five of them small, and the larger Synthrotek portable case.  Over time I became frustrated when trying to patch across all of these different cases.  I find that I tend to patch modules that are physically closer together.  Having my Eurorack collection spread across so many boxes, each a different size, was cumbersome.  Thus I began a search for a larger case.  At first I thought I wanted a portable case with a cover.  But, as I searched, I found that the two main options, the Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-360 and the Monorocket M9E, were both a little too large and too expensive.  I went looking for a 9U by 104 hp case, where I could choose the power supply.  I found it in the unpowered Synthrotek Wood Case, pictured.  It is lightweight and can probably fit into a suitcase, if I want to take it somewhere. To this I’ve added three of Synthrotek’s plain power distribution strips, on sale as DIY kits, for $29 each.

These distro boards have 17 shrouded headers, screw terminals for power connection, CV and Gate buses, double sided ground plane and three LEDs for simple power presence.  Instead of the standoffs and wood screws supplied with the boards, I used all nylon 4-40 mounting hardware, drilling 1/8 inch holes through the wood back.

The 4ms Row Power 40 shown is temporary.  At 1.5 amps of +12, it isn’t enough for the full load of modules planned (1850 ma, according to Modular Grid).  I’m hoping to get a Big Stinker: +12V 2.25A, -12V 1.5A, currently in design by Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology.  When that comes in, I will connect all the boards using the screw terminals.  I mounted the boards offset to the left side to keep plenty of room for the eventual power board and distribution wiring.

Here’s a preview of the anticipated load.  Except for two new modules, a 2hp dual sample & hold and a second LxD, all of these are being relocated from three other cases.  I’ve shown an Intellijel power inlet on the lower right.  Instead of that I plan to design my own custom power inlet panel.


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