Synthesis Technology E580 Sampling Mini-Delay

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The Synthesis Technology e580 resampling mini-delay emulates the classic sounds of digital, bbd and tape-based delays with four parameters under voltage control. The E580 recreates the pitch-shift modulating of bbds with the variable bandwidth and noise floor without costly bbd ics. In tape mode, wow& flutter, tape saturation and non-linear distortion model classic tape units without the bulk and maintenance.

There are two simultaneous audio outputs: a straight delay and a variable tapped delay. The tap position is a percentage of the main delay time. This allows very short delays (<350us) as well as long delays (750ms). Both tap position (‘offset’) and main delay time are voltage-controlled over a -5v to +5v range.

The feedback is jumper-selectable from either the tapped position or the main delay. This flexibility can generate standard ‘rhythmic’ delays (feedback from main delay) or a series of ‘pre-delay reflections’ (tapped delay) which sound very different from each other.


  • Addition of five attenuator pots:  one for each CV input, plus one for the signal input
  • Addition of a panel switch to replace the PC board jumper to select the feedback source


Please see the previous post for details common to this and the DIY E560 project.

As mentioned in the previous post, the biggest challenge was mounting the PC board to a bracket.  As shown in the following picture, the bracket was fabricated from thin aluminum stock, available at any hardware store.  The bracket mounts to the panel beneath three pots.  Six of the holes which formerly mounted the pots to the board were re-purposed as mounting holes for 3-48 screws.  Although this left the end of the board with MTA connectors a bit cantilevered, after installation there is no pressure on the board.  But one must be careful when plugging in the connectors.

Four pots from the board were installed on the panel, as well as five attenuator pots, each between an input jack and an input on the board.  These attenuators really enhance the ease of use for CV and also especially for attenuating the audio input signal to avoid overloads.  I chose Bourns pots from Mouser, part #652-91A1A-B24-A20L.  The MTA headers and mating connectors are Mouser parts 571-6404543 and 3-640441-3.


Please see Dave Brown’s E580 DIY project for comparison.

Here’s a demo of a little patch I did with it.



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