Swoop Spokes Module

In my previous post I mentioned a case idea for the Swoop Spokes PC board. I made it of two pieces of 1/8 inch clear acrylic, which were cut to size for me at the hardware store.  Four machine screws mount the board to the bottom piece and support the top.  Before assembly, I added a 9V regulator (LM7809) to the board with bypassing and an inlet jack for 12 to 15 VDC.  I also added a black ground jack.

Each of the five sections of Swoop Spokes has an output jack (Red) with LED monitor, a CV input jack (Violet), and an initial frequency pot. The LED monitors are made from Ken Stones LED PC boards.  However I modified the circuit to yield a usable range of brightness over the output of +2 to +7 volts.  They are always lit to a degree, because they are seeing the low point at two volts.  I matched them to the high intensity LED that I happened to find.

I had discovered that one of the inputs (double cross) could serve as an initial frequency control, attached to a pot.  Fastest rate happens with this input at +9 volts.  Below about +2 volts the oscillation appears to stop.  So I added a series resistor in the leg of the pot going to ground.  What’s interesting is that all of the sections can be made to run very, very slowly.  So I pick a value for the resistor (220k with a 1M pot) where the oscillation is very slow.

I had never been able to see the whole thing in action, because I could scope at most two outputs.  The interactions are interesting. Each section impacts all the others.  Cool patterns can be made just by playing with the pots.

Silly Demo Patch

For fun I set up a patch to Eurorack modules.  The five Swoop Spokes outputs drive five CV inputs on Loquelic Iteritas.  Swoop Spokes in turn is modulated with five outputs from Just Friends.  L.I. output gets a stereo reverb from Disting.  Patch cables are made from very flexible black test lead wire.  One end has a stackable banana and the other end a mini-plug.




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