Stand Alone Power Supply


I built a stand-alone power supply that delivers +/-15 volts @ 800 ma to use as a bench supply for testing modules under development, and also to use as the external supply for a new stand-alone synthesizer I’m building. The supply is Power One HAA15-0.8-AG.  Two jumper wires near the output posts must be cut to change the output levels from +/-12 to +/-15 volts. These are labelled VW1 and VW2.

The enclosure is Hammond 1458VD3 (Mouser 546-1458VD3).  The top and bottom are vinyl-coated steel, with ventilation slots, and the front and back have painted aluminum panels, easy to machine.  I mounted all parts on the front panel, with the Power One supply fitting nicely in the rear of the box.

I used the same Schurter AC Power Entry as on my portable cabinets.  It’s very convenient, having the AC inlet, dual fuse, and power switch all in one unit, Mouser 693-4304.6090.

The red and yellow LED power indicators are in chrome bezels I had lying around.  I put a 2K resistor in series with each.

Red and yellow banana jacks output +15 and -15 volts, with two black banana jacks for ground.  The outlet that will supply the stand-alone synthesizer uses a high quality 4-conductor locking connector that includes earth ground as well as plus, minus, and supply ground.  The connector shown is a female panel mount.  The corresponding connector on the synthesizer will be a male panel mount and the cable will have mating male and female connectors.  These connector Mouser part numbers are:

  • Panel mount female 523-C01620G00310012
  • Panel mount male 523-C01620C00310012
  • Cable end female 523-C01620D00310012
  • Cable end male 523-C01620H00310012





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