SSM2164 Dual VCA Board

I needed six DC-coupled linear VCAs for the Quantisise project.  I discussed my requirements on this Muffwiggler forum topic and decided to use three PC boards, purchased from Dr. Sketch-n-Etch.  It is a single-sided board that comes with wire jumpers already soldered on.


Although the board supports more panel features, including a pot for variable response and a reversible CV attenuator, my design calls for just the VCA input, VCA output, one CV input, and an input for an initial offset pot.  I hard-wired the linear response and added on-board terminating resistors on all the inputs.  Here’s a drawing I made of the circuit, as I built it.  The circuit itself is based heavily on an application note for the SSM2164 IC.  The initial pot is labelled, “Master chaos pot common to all VCAs,” due to its intended use in the Quantisise project.



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