Spillover Eurorack

In a previous post I described upgrading a Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 case to a Tiptop power supply.  This case now has a new load of modules.  I call it the ‘spillover’ rack, because it ended up holding the leftover modules, after I had reconfigured my other five Eurorack cases.  So, it doesn’t have a theme.

I discovered that the QAAF could fit to the left of the Triple Bipolar VCA, completing the Phase Displacement Oscillator constellation.  Installed to the right are the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor and Quad Pingable LFO.  I got lucky there, because the QPLFO is deep, and that is the only space in this box it could physically fit!

To the left of the QCD is Pithoprakta, the probabilistic pulse sequencer, which is handily driven by the QCD.  At middle is Just Friends.

Pole Zero fits next to the PDO, and there was 2hp left, filled by a multiple.



3 Responses to Spillover Eurorack

  1. Marc says:

    How do you find the pole zero? Specialy the fm, am, and saturation function when used as a sine vco

  2. Richard says:

    Pole Zero is the only normal filter I have in Eurorack. It’s a nice filter, with the extra features of a VCA and overdrive. But I haven’t used it very much, because I just don’t think in terms of filters these days, preferring other means of timbre modulation. Thanks for the suggestion of using it as a VCO. I will experiment more with that.

  3. Richard says:

    All the modules in this case have either been moved into other cases or been sold.

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