Small Glorp

Here are three examples demonstrating what can be done with just the following MOTM modules.

  • 300 VCO
  • 440 VCF
  • 101 Noise / Sample and Hold
  • 190 Dual VCA
  • 390 Dual LFO
  • 800 Envelope Generator x 2

The first uses one half of the 190 in ring modulator mode with the 300 VCO sine wave and the 440 VCF as a sine wave oscillator as the inputs. Half way through some pink noise is mixed in. The second EG and VCA control the volume.

The second also uses the 440 as an oscillator, but this time for dynamic linear frequency modulation of the 300. One VCA is used for the dynamic FM and the other VCA is used for volume.

The third patch uses the 440 as a filter and also uses Pulse Width Modulation on the 300. The output goes in parallel through the two
VCAs in the 190, each controlled by a different 800 EG.


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