Seven Petals

Adding another SSG module allowed me to patch up a Quantisise-like collaboration, consisting of a Smooth section LFO, and two Stepped sections as the sample and holds.  I then patched this into a ring of Quantisise modules to emulate the Cocoquantus five oscillator cluster, but with seven instead of five.  The odd number seems to help in creating a very complex spiral of feedback.  This patch, made up of seven LFOs and fourteen sample and holds, was then used to modulate a relatively straightforward modular sound patch, with two similar signal paths:  BugBrand SYN2A VCO -> Serge Wave Shaper > Serge VCFQ -> VCA -> output.  The VCA channels are controlled inversely for a panning effect.  Quantisise outputs modulate the VCO frequency, the Wave Shaper, the VCF, and the VCA.  Judicious tweaking of all the parameters brought it to the exhibited outcome.  Many other possible outcomes exist.  I added a Lexicon reverb to create the final result.

Here is a short segment of the perpetually self-running patch.


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