Repackaging Modules

Here’s the result of a light bulb going off in my mind a few days ago.  I have several different cases for Eurorack modules, and I’ve found that patching across different boxes can be cumbersome.  They’re different sizes and heights.  I had put together a controller case that I’d planned to use together with other cases.  But I found that I tended to neglect it.  Then, while I was contemplating a new arrangement of modules for a ‘drone box’ that would be played live, I bemoaned the fact that I have to stand at a table, rather than sit, to work with patches, because the cases lie flat.

I was wondering how I could fill up a now unused Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 case, that I had retrofitted with a better power supply.  Light bulb!  I remembered that when I picked up the two used Cell 90 cases, they came with the double end cheeks that puts them together with a sloped lower section and the top one angled too.

This turned out to be perfect for my concept:  a playable drone rack.  Here it is on Modular Grid.  Most of the modules had been living in other cases.  For this project I wanted to add the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP effects module, which you see pictured at the end of the top case.  I then relocated the modules from the Manual Controller case into the Cell 90 case I had been using for the Mocante, and put that case below.

All this repackaging resulted in a box having a set of audio modules across the top with jacks on the bottom, and a controller case below with most of the jacks on the top ends.  This results in minimal cable lengths and keeps all the knobs and controller surfaces relatively free of patch cables.  And now I am more motivated to use all those controllers!



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