Quantisise Operational

quantisise-in-caseHere it is, finally wired and mounted in its 8U high EWI Tour Case.  The Quantisise panel wasn’t designed to fit this case; it just happened to (and it’s tight).  It’s just shy of 7U, so I had to drill and tap two holes in the rack, so the rails could be 1/4″ closer together.  The 1U left over was perfect to hold a Furman power conditioner.  I swapped in one of my existing power supplies.  It is all a very close fit.  It’s patched into the Cocoquantus, since I don’t have the output ready yet.  The empty right side will hold a collection of matrix mixers, processors, five timbre modulators, and a stereo output.

Here’s a shot of the panel, just after the LED driver boards were affixed.

quantisise-leds-panelThe next shot is starting to add the six brackets, each holding two PC boards.

quantisise-final-assembly-beginsNow all assembled.

quantisise-assembled-back-1000pxquantisise-assembled-topNext up will be a post describing various ways to patch it.  That will take some time to explore. *


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