Quantisise Completed

quantisise-rack-frontFinally!  Quantisise with Blue Panel and Furman PL-8C power conditioner all together in the 8U EWI Tour Case.  I upgraded the power strip from the Furman M-8Dx to get better conditioning, better front lighting, and a longer AC cable.  Everything fits very tightly into the case. I got lucky with clearances, especially since the Red Panel was not designed to be rack mounted.

Here’s a rear view.  I’ve since closed up the opening with a ventilated panel.  The power supply was commandeered from one of my other EWI Tour Cases to save time.  I’ll need to build one for the other case now.


Here are some details of the recent construction of the Blue Panel.  The first is the 4×4 Matrix Mixer.  The second is the fully-assembled panel.  I made all of the brackets out of thin aluminum stock from a hardware store.



Here’s a picture of a patch I’ve been playing with.  Quantisise has so many cross-modulating capabilities that it’s going to take me a while to explore them.  I found out, for example, that I can get a good square wave by self-modulating a VCO through its sample & hold.  Cross-modulating two VCOs at LFO frequencies can produce interesting patterns.  More posts will follow on patches.



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  1. John L Rice says:

    WOW! That is one amazing and beautiful synth, Richard! I’m not sure how I missed this before but you do God-like work! 🙂

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