At the end of David Byrne’s book, How Music Works, he says, “Why not let music play itself?  The composer, in the traditional sense, might no longer be necessary.”   A short time ago I attended a piano trio concert by the Kandinsky Trio.  They played all sorts of compositions from classical to very recent post-modern pieces.  Yet, I was struck by the fact that all of these pieces had in common that they were composed in a musical notation, performed by an ensemble, and listened to by a passive audience.  I thought, Cage said there is composition, performance, and listening.  But then I thought that only listening is essential to music.  And herewith, Prediction, a piece that is neither composed, nor performed.  It was, rather, discovered, as I played with the patch I described in the previous post.  It is rather long for a postcard recording at some eight and a half minutes.  It is worth listening through.  You experience the power of the Cocoquantus to invent musical changes.  All I did was to listen, and to turn on the recorder.


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