Plumbutter Arrival

Plumbutter arrived this week!  It’s the latest instrument by Peter Blasser at Ciat-Lonbarde.  This is a self-contained synthesizer with a distinct philosophy behind it.  After checking everything out I made this patch and took a stab at a little performance.  The patch uses all features except the snare hit noise.

The performance starts with AVDogs, triggered by The Man with the Red Steam.  Then we hear Deerhorn.  The first noisy  sound is made by sending Gray Material from Quantum Noise through Gongue filters, patching to their external inputs with the yellow patch cords.  Deerhorn also triggers Gongues to make little pocks.  Gongues go through Ultrasounds to make the most intense noisy drone, as the piece builds up and fades back to AVDogs.  I performed in real time by mixing and operating the Ultrasounds and the Deerhorn.  All sounds are made by Plumbutter alone.


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