Petal On Its Own

This week’s cocoquantus patch again utilizes the CGS Tube VCA as a timbre enhancer.  This time not only do the coco outputs each pass through one of these, in addition I’ve taken quantussy triangle outputs over to the CGS VCA CV inputs.  This makes for interesting timbres.   I finally understood the workings of the cocoquantus’s chaos circuit.  For a decade I’ve been trying out different aleatoric techniques.  The cocoquantus exceeds my expectations for an aleatoric controller.  To duplicate the quantussy section would require five VCOs and ten sample and holds.  For this recording I used a chain of four out of the five oscillators and let it run on its own for the entire recording without intervention.


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  1. Hex says:

    This is great, Richard. I love how you just let the coco petals do their thing. One of my favorite things to do is get a patch going, press record on the Walkman and go get a drink. When I come back the coco is always doing something interesting and I get a huge smile.

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