Catgirl Synth Burst Generator

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This module is a rhythm and timing accessory. It generates a burst of gate or trigger pulses at various speeds as set from … Read More

Catgirl Synth Infinite Melody

Quantity: 1 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: The name of this module is a play on its function. Put simply, it generates a series of semi-random or themed stepped control … Read More

Oakley Sound Systems OMS-410

Quantity: 1 From the Oakley website: The OMS-410 is a companion module to the MOTM-410 triple resonant filter module. It adds powerful new features to the superb Synthtech module. No … Read More

Oakley Little LFO, Little EG

Quantity: 0 Little LFO This is an updated version of the low frequency oscillator on the classic analogue synthesiser, the Korg MS-20. It features two output waveforms, triangle and square. … Read More

Oakley Superladder VCF

Quantity: 1 From the Oakley website: The Superladder is a voltage controlled transistor ladder filter. Cut-off frequency and resonance are both voltage controlable. The VCF may be built as a … Read More