An ouroboros is mythological figure represented by a serpent swallowing its own tail.  Here is a series of filters and other processors, each output connected to the input of the next, with the last output circling back to the input of the first.  Feedback develops through the chain when all the filters allow something to pass and withers if any of them cuts too much.  The modules in order in the loop:  Blacet parallel state variable, Oakley Super Ladder, MOTM-480 band pass, CGS Synthacon, MOTM-440 low pass, MOTM-420 in high pass mode, Encore Frequency Shifter, Blacet Time Machine.  Three LFOs modulate the Oakley, 440, and 480 filter frequencies.  The Time Machine’s internal LFO modulates its delay.  The Encore FS Cosine output modulates the 440.  After plenty of fiddling with knobs, I made this recording (one of several).  I did not change much during the recording.  The sound fades in and out and the pitches change in an eerie sequence, driven by the interaction of slow LFOs on filter cut-offs.  I swapped the A/B setting of the MPX-1 5th-octaverb for the third sequence.


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