Oakley MultiMix OMS-902 Issue 3

OMS-902 panelQuantity: 2

From the Oakley website:

Up to three inputs, either CV or audio, can be summed or mixed together. Each control knob can be set so that the gain of the input is anything from -1 to +1. This means that not only can inputs be added together, but can subtract as well. With each input knob set to its middle position, then none or very little of the input signal will reach the output. You can thus use this to attenuate, or invert, CV or audio signals around your modular.

The MultiMix ‘Stooge’ version features a clever combination of three output sockets to achieve a variety of uses. Insert into the OUT1 jack and you will find a controlled version of the signal going into IN1. But if you don’t utilise the OUT1 jack, then its output will automatically be summed with IN3 to form a mixed output at OUT3/MIX. Likewise, not using OUT2 will make its output join with the IN3 signal too. So you can use this module as a standard mixer if you don’t use the OUT1 and OUT2 sockets.

Moreover, IN2 is normal-connected from whatever is plugged into IN1, and IN3 from IN2, making it simple to use the MultiMix as a distributor. Plug one signal into IN1 and take three outputs, each with individual level and inversion control.


  • Stooge panel normalling of inputs and outputs
  • Omitted the LED

Panel photo by Scott Juskiw
Also see Scott Juskiw’s Multimix modification page.


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