Oakley Looping ADSR-VCA

Quantity 2

Tony of Oakley Sound keeps updating his modules.  See here for his latest description of the famous ADSR-VCA.

Though I already had four of the earlier revision 2 ADSR/VCA, two with full voltage control, I wanted to upgrade and replace my dual rev 2 ADSR/VCA module with a couple of these rev 4.  There is little difference in the main circuit between rev 2 and rev 4.  The latter adds a looping ability and a switch to control the mode.

NORMAL – Works normally, with the envelope started by the Gate signal.

GATED – Looping will occur only when the Gate is high.

LOOP – The module’s output it will loop continuously in AD mode. The Gate input has no effect in Loop mode.

The rev 4 also provides an independent envelope output, labelled ADSR, good for controlling something simultaneously when also using the VCA feature.  The inverted output from the rev 2 panel is lost, although the rev 4 board can be built to support that as an option.

Bridechamber makes a nice panel for the new rev 4 board, and that’s what I’ve used.

Construction is straight-forward.  As with all Oakley modules, the panel is affixed to the PC board assembly by means of pot brackets.  The rev 4 boards use small Alpha pots that I ordered from Small Bear Electronics, since Mouser does not list the version with PC pins.

I always solder wires from the board to the panel jacks, it’s so simple.  Oakley sells a small PC board to mount the jacks, with a ribbon cable header, if you want to do it that way.



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