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I’ve been threatening to sell my MIDI gear, including the MOTM-650 4-channel MIDI converter.  Recently, while browsing and searching for stuff related to Brian Eno, I ran across an interview with him from 1998 in which he talked about his idea of  ‘generative music’.  He mentions software (Koan) in that interview.  Koan evolved in to Noatikl.

I downloaded Noatikl free trial for the Mac and played with it a bit on the internal Mac synthesizer.  Then I managed to patch it out to the MOTM-650.  After a bit of futzing with MIDI settings on all the gear, I got a two channel piece going.  The MOTM patch is very basic:  each channel drives a MOTM-300 VCO with a 1V/octave CV.  The pulse outputs are patched through an Oakley ADSR/VCA, which is gated from the 650.  The only embellishment is some slow PWM on each VCO, created with a MOTM-390 LFO.

I’m not decided yet whether to purchase Noatikl (currently $130).  I need to fool around with it more; it has a large number of parameters.  Will this justify my use of MIDI after all?

Edited 3/26/12 – I decided not to buy Noatikl. I’m not keen on using the computer and not very keen on MIDI either.


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  1. Fred says:

    Go on, treat yourself! 🙂

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