New Years Eve 2014

I put together a three-oscillator drone for a live performance on New Year’s Eve at the Mission for Temporal Art at the French Broad Institute in Marshall, NC.  Thanks to Claire Elizabeth Barratt and David Linton for inviting me to perform. It is in a large hall of a former church building that has great acoustics.  An improvisational dance was performed to this piece by Janice Lancaster Larsen.  I’ve been told that a video was made and if I can I will post it.

Modules used included the Synthesis Technology e340 Cloud Generator VCO, MOTM-440 VCF, two BugBrand SYN2A VCOs, BugBrand SYN2B/X Frequency Shifter and Bugbrand PRC1 Digital Delay.  Here’s a recording made off the mixing board.


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