MOTM-730 Voltage-Controlled Pulse Divider

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From the Synthesis Technology website:

The MOTM-730 is used to “divide down” an input signal (usually from a LFO or VCO) to produce multiple square wave outputs.

  • Fixed output divisors are simultaneously available and phase-locked.
  • Outputs are 0 to +5V square waves.
  • Variable output  with divisor under voltage control is independent of the fixed divider outs.
  • Has RUN/STOP input for sync or driving all outputs low.
  • Can sync to positive or negative edge of input clock.
  • Unique ‘Half Divide’ mode where the divisors are 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. on all outputs.
  • Stepped CV out is a 8-step rising sawtooth that has 3 fixed step intervals.

The MOTM-730 fixed divisor outputs run independently of the variable (‘/N’) output. The large red LED display shows the divisor for the variable output. This divisor can be set by the INIT DIV panel control or by a control voltage/attenuator. The MOTM-730 does not generate pulses on its own. A CLOCK IN is required, but can be any waveform that is at least 0V to 2V peak. The ‘trip threshold’ for the clock input is ~ +0.75V, so the output of a MOTM-800 EG can be used to clock the module.

Modifications: None

Here’s a photo of the back of the MOTM-730, mounted in one of my portable cabinets:


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