MOTM-101 Noise / Sample & Hold / Dual Oakley Sample & Hold

MOTM 101R front

This rather ambitious project combines the MOTM-101 Noise/Sample and Hold module together with two Oakley Sample and Hold modules to create a triple module.MOTM-101 features:

  • White, Pink and Slow noise outputs
  • Clocked sample and hold with internal clock
  • Vibrato output
  • Manual slew control on output

Oakley Sample and Hold features:

  • Clocked sample and hold with dual polarity clock inputs
  • Manual pot that mixes portion of output back to input to limit step distance
  • Manual slew control on output

In order to fit all three modules into one panel the slewing features were omitted, as well as the vibrato output on the 101. Several enhancements to the 101 were made. These include external clock input buffering, an output level LED, a clock-polarity switch. On the Oakley S&H instead of two clock inputs with different polarity, there is one clock input and a polarity switch. The internal clock from the MOTM is normal-connected to the clock inputs of the Oakleys. The output from Oakley #1 normals to the input of Oakley #2, and the output from Oakley #3 normals to the input of the MOTM-101. Thus without any external inputs there is always a new random output voltage on each of the sample and holds with each internal clock tick.

Construction difficulty is high for this one. A corner of the MOTM-101 printed circuit board had to be cut away to provide space for the WHITE noise panel jack. Some of the unused slewing circuitry in the Oakley boards was used for enhancements to the 101. As the photos show, the wiring is dense.

Mine is in a custom Stooge panel. But here is a Front Panel Express file if you really want to try building your own.

MOTM 101R back

MOTM 101R construction


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