More Generative Experiments

These two recordings were made yesterday, as I worked on the composition of another self-running (generative) patch.  This one uses a ring of five clocked sample and holds, inspired yet again by the Cocoquantus.  Each LFO that clocks an associated sample and hold has its period voltage controlled by one of the other sample and holds.  A given S&H samples a waveform from the LFO preceding the one that is clocking it.  The following LFO period is voltage controlled by the S&H output.  Three of the sampled waveforms are rising ramps, and two are falling ramps.  This complex supplies CV to the audio portion of the patch.

The Clocked Sample & Holds

  1. Serge Positive Slew, self patched Cycle to Sustain, Cycle also patched to Hold input of SSG.
  2. Serge Envelope Generator, self patched End to Start, Window Out to Hold input of SSG.
  3. Bugbrand Noise Crusher.

Two each of the Serge pairs, plus the Noise Crusher, makes a total of five clocked S&H.  Note that each of the clocks has a ramp wave output.  It is this ramp wave that is patched, as described above, to the sample input of the next S&H.

Two Serge Smooth and Stepped Generators are used to make four sample and holds.  I built them so that the Hold input is available, even for the Stepped section.  When Hold is held high, the slew rate becomes very slow, holding the current value of the input.  All that is needed to make a S&H is to use a signal into Hold that is normally high, having a short, falling pulse.  This is available as the Cycle output of a Positive Slew, and as the Window output (adjusted) on the Serge Envelope Generator.

No randomness is used!  It is all done by complex cross-modulation of periodic ramps.

The audio path consists of three VCOs, two VCFQs, two VCAs, a Serge Wave Multiplier, Bugbrand LPG, Serge Resonant Equalizer, and a Bugbrand digital delay.



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  1. Piotr says:

    Cool sounds, very diverse! Great inspiration.

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