Mocante Eurorack Box

mocante-eurorackI relocated the Mocante from its wood case into a Eurorack case.  It’s a Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 case (which actually has 89.6875 HP space).  The power supply in this case is the old Pittsburgh Modular analog supply with the AC wall wart.  Not a problem here, because only +/- 12 volts is needed and the current requirement are low.

Here’s a photo of how the Euro power cable is soldered to the Mocante PC board.  Red stripe indicates -12V, which is not used, though pads exist on the board.  Six wires carry ground and two (indicated by + symbol on the board) are for +12V.  I cut one end of a standard Euro 10-pin cable to do this.


I filled out the box with the following modules, intending to use it for live improvisation.

Rasmasynth Unknown Pleasures

Snazzy FX Dreamboat

Meng Qi DLPG

Make Noise modDemix

Synthrotek DLY Digital Delay

Bubblesound Mix B

Erica Synths Pico OUT

I am finding a wealth of patching potential in this box.  Three modules produce audio and four can modulate two signals together (DLPG and modDemix are both dual).  On top of that I can add the digital delay.  Two 3 to 1 mixers give flexibility.  The Pico OUT lets me practice with headphones and also go directly to a mixing board.  Unknown Pleasures, a manually driven signal source, is perfect for gating another signal in an LPG or modDemix.

I am discovering more about the Mocante, now that I have built this small laboratory for it.  For instance, I found that the Mocante CV output serves as an audio output, too.  Here are some quick sample sounds from this box.





3 Responses to Mocante Eurorack Box

  1. Meng Qi says:

    great system and playing!

  2. Meng Qi says:

    btw, it is not because that box is 88hp, it is because IFM Mocante is 56hp, not 54hp (at least the 2 I’ve got are).

  3. Richard says:

    Meng Qi, you are almost right! I had not been able to fit 90 HP into my other Cell 90 case. Why? Because the Cell 90 is about 1/16 inch shorter than 90 HP, 89.6875 HP. I planned this Mocante case on Modular Grid with 88 HP. Although Modular Grid says Mocante is 54 HP, it is actually 55.625 HP, by my own measurement. I got lucky, because if it actually was 56 HP, all of the modules would not have fit!

    How close? Total module size: 89.625 HP in 89.6875 HP. Only 0.0625 HP (0.0125 inches) to spare!

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