Mattson 4-Channel Gate Delay

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George Mattson’s description:

The 4-Channel gate delay provides four independent gate outputs that are delayed based on the user-controlled time setting after the initial trigger event. The input can be a gate or a continuous CV. The level control adjusts the event trigger level to respond from ~0.7VDC to 6VDC. When the input CV is dropped below the threshold level, all outputs will drop. Any channel that hasn’t reached it’s set “on” event time will not trigger until the input CV is above the threshold level for at least the length of the channel delay time. Requires wire kit WK-15 if desired.

Panel Design

Download this Front Panel Express Panel for Mattson Gate Delay

Another in my series of 1U small knob MOTM DIY projects, this one also locates jacks generally to the bottom and knobs to the top.  But this one has five LEDs too!  I used the same chrome bezel LED parts as those in my CGS slope detectors.

Construction was straitforward for this module, made simple again by the use of Mattson’s wiring kit.  The tricky part, as usual, was building an adapter bracket to fit the Mattson PC board to a Bridechamber bracket.  See my Mattson VC Mixer post for details.


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