Mangling System Output Management


Pictured are two modules:

In a minuscule amount of space, the Scan & Pan provides a 4 channel mixer with voltage control of level and panning. Since the level control was already there, the “width” and “center” controls allow the user to Scan across the channels, fade between them or actively mix them together. It’s signal path is all discrete transistors.

The WMD Pro Output is a simple and purpose built module to get your modular signal interfaced with professional and consumer audio gear. It also includes a very high quality headphone driver.

Rail to rail op-amps at the input stage allow for headroom above the typical eurorack levels of 20Vpp. The Pro Output can handle 23Vpp before clipping. Signals are attenuated down to the proper levels allowing for simple adjustment free connection to any type of device, professional or consumer.

The Pro Output is DC coupled through the entire signal path, including the headphone driver. This design eliminates coupling capacitors and the distortion they can cause.

I got excited about panning stereo outputs.  I realized that doing it well would take a lot of separate modules.  The Verbos Scan & Pan bundles this together.  It has ten CV inputs:  one for the level of each channel, one for panning of each channel, and two to control scanning.  All CV inputs impact the output levels on left and right.  In addition, each channel has an input gain pot that can be used to over-drive the channel into a nice distortion.

The WMD Pro Output is perfect for this system, having balanced line outputs, headphone driver, as well as a stereo mini-jack output.  I made up two 3.5 inch patch cords to go from the Scan & Pan to the Pro Output, since these will always be used together.



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  1. Low-Gain says:

    I have this same setup! Love it.

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