Make Noise Maths


One of the most popular Eurorack modules is the Make Noise Maths.  Maths is in the venerable lineage of the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator.  I have a number of different slope generators in 5U MOTM format, as well as in CGS Serge format.  It really is a universal envelope generator/LFO/slew.

I was considering two Make Noise Function modules, as an alternative to Maths.  But I became convinced that the additional CV mixing ability of the Maths was need in my Portable Wave Mangling System.




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  1. Richard says:

    I just sold Maths. Ultimately I could not like the mixer section. I found it too limited. I prefer to patch my own mixes. My replacement for Maths consists of two Mini Slews and a Befaco A*B+C. Pardon me while I duck the Maths fanatics. 🙂

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